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    Re: RSD exhaust burning lawn?

    That is the dirtiest that rascal has been after a mowing. It is always cleaned with water, blown off and then garaged and kept out of the sun. I haven't added the lights, the fans, oil coolers and the flex oil drain hose yet.


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    Re: RSD exhaust burning lawn?

    Quote Originally Posted by 577jersey View Post
    I wash and spray wax mine once a week and blow it off after every cut...

    You sir have way too much time on your hands.

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    Re: RSD exhaust burning lawn?

    Quote Originally Posted by gasjr4wd View Post
    You sir have way too much time on your hands.
    hahaha,i actually havenít washed it in a few weeks cause its going into the shop soon and Hustler needs to take a pic of the leaky pump so i can get a new just swing through the car wash and hit it with the wand,spray wax,and rinse..comes out nice..i also put protectant on my plastics in the Summer,seat,hoses,engine shroud ect...cant hurt.Remember,Im going to try and get 1000 hours out of this mower lol :)

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