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    js63 hard to start,dies,smokes,rattles

    Mower is 10 years old. I inherited it last summer. I thought hard to start when I first used it but it would run ok and suddenly die as if switched off. Only way to restart was to clean spark plug. Hot dry summer so it was not used much. This spring it fired right up after normal tuning and ran great until it suddenly died again when used only 10-15 minutes. Forgot to mention that I had replaced the plug last summer. I can keep it running if I keep cleaning the plug. Plug always looks oily.
    Now, I have blue smoke from the exhaust. It is intermittent in that it will only slightly smoke for a few minutes and then smoke so bad that anyone driving by could see the blue smoke. I have killed lots of bugs this summer
    Next problem--the engine rattles badly. It has been getting worse to the point that I think something will fly apart. When used 2 days ago, the engine was very low on power so I stopped using it.
    Today I built and operating table in garage and torn it apart. This is my first OHV Briggs. The first thing I found was the flywheel key was about 1/3 twisted in two. This may account for some hard starting and low power.
    Next I found the valve rocker arms so loss that I wonder how they stayed together. There had to be .0020 play. Is the periodic maintenance here that I have missed and when this much play cause oil consumption? I know it is the source my the engine rattle and surely is contributing to hard starting and poor performance.
    I did not find as much wear on piston and cylinder wall as I thought I would. The rings are still sharp on all edges. No score marks on piston or wall. The machining marks on piston are worn off. There was a small amount of oil around top of piston.
    Can I easily get overhaul parts for the engine? What is a good source for info on how to put this thing back together?
    Thanks for listening and I'm glad I found this forum


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    Re: js63 hard to start,dies,smokes,rattles

    try donyboy73 on youtube

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