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    When I turn the key to start, nothing! I have checked the fuses, replaced the ignition module, checked the starter solenoid and relay, checked all switches including key switch except the seat switch. At first the mower would start at times but not always. Now it wont start at all. Mower is 2000 model 61 inch turf tiger.


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    Red face Re: Scag turf tiger wont start

    There is a start/cranking relay close to the key switch. When all the safety circuits are in line, then the module will ground the coil in the relay and allow cranking of the engine. The seat switch is one of the major players in the safety circuits, but actually all the switches play into the safety circuits including the PTO switch.
    If you do not have an operators manual which has the wiring diagram, you can download a manual from the Scag website, you will need the model and serial numbers from your machine to find the correct manual.

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