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    Cub Cadet RZT L54 KW ?

    Local dealer has these on sale for $3,000. Their picture looks a little different that the unit seen on Cub Cadet's site. Front axle is black instead of yellow. Deck and parking brake levers are in a different place. Looking for a cheap solution for a couple hours mowing per week.


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    Re: Cub Cadet RZT L54 KW ?

    It's probably a older model left over. If you google the model number specifically, you'll get some that look different than what's currently on their website, @ $3199 msrp sale price. If its at a dealer dealer, starting offer from me would be $2700.

    Specs are decent for the price, KW motor and serviceable trannies. Stamped deck, ok for just few hours a week use. Poly front wheel bearings, meh, but keeping lubed routinely should help lifespan.

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