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    Mower starts and shuts off

    I have year old Toro Time Cutter SS 4235 model 74624 with a Kawasaki FR600V 20.0. I am fairly competent with small engine repairs but this one is stumping me.

    Issue: When you turn the key sometimes it will turn over and sometimes you have to wiggle the key to get it to turn over. It starts right up for 2 seconds then cuts off.

    I replaced the fuel, cleaned carb, changed the ingnition switch and the solenoid. Only progress I made was now there is not a constant drain on the battery. Before something was drawing as small load on the battery.

    Here is the kicker, I can start it up and keep it running by turning the ignition key back and forth every second as its about to cut off.

    It total seems like an electrical problem but I am not sure what else it could be, it's pumping fuel with no issue.


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    Re: Mower starts and shuts off

    Sounds to me like you have a ground or bad connection problem. These types of problems will turn your hair grey and your. Brain to mush. I would start at the battery and check every connection. You can also try this troubleshooting procedure. Good luck.

    Electrical* problems can be very easy or very difficult, depending on four things.
    1. * How well you understand basic electricity.
    2. *What tools you have and know how to use.
    3. *How well you follow directions.
    4. *You don't overlook or assume anything and verify everything.

    Remember we cannot see what you are doing. *You are our eyes, ears and fingers in solving this problem. *You must be as accurate as you can when you report back. *The two basic tools we will ask you to use are a test light and a multi-meter. *If you have an assistant when going through these tests it would be very helpful. *These steps work the best when done in order, so please don't jump around. *Now let's solve this problem.

    First, check the fuse(s), check battery connections for corrosion (clean if necessary) and *voltage - above 12.5 volts should be good.*

    Second, check for power from the battery to one of the large terminals on the solenoid. *One of the wires is connected directly to the battery and has power all the time so one of the large terminals should light a test light or show 12 volts on a meter at all times.*

    Third, *check for power at the small terminal of the solenoid while depressing the clutch/brake pedal and holding the key in the start position (you may need an assistant to sit in the seat to override the safety switch). If your solenoid is a four wire solenoid, check both small wire terminals as one is ground and the other is power from the ignition switch. *If your solenoid is a three wire solenoid, make sure the solenoid body is not corroded where it bolts to the chassis of the mower as this is your ground path back to the battery. *If in doubt, remove the solenoid and clean the mounting area down to bare metal. *If there is no power to the small terminal then your problem is most likely a safety switch, ignition switch or in the wiring.*

    Fourth, check for power on the other large terminal of the solenoid while holding the key in the start position (you may need an assistant to sit in the seat to override the safety switch). *If you have power what is the voltage?

    Fifth, check for power at the starter while holding the key in the start position (assistant again). *If you have power what is the voltage?

    Sixth, check your ground circuit back to the battery.

    After you have gone through each of the above steps, let us know what happened when you did each step. *At that point we will have great info to tell you how to proceed. *Remember you are our eyes, ears, and fingers, so please be as accurate as possible.

    Be as specific as possible with voltage readings as this will help diagnose your problem quicker. *If you do not know how to perform the above checks, just ask and I will try to guide you through it. *Youtube also has some videos and as you know a picture is worth a thousand words.
    This is only my opinion, and many will say it ain't worth a darn, as I'm only a retired grease monkey instructor and not a professional mechanic. Use what I post at your own risk as you know teachers only know book knowledge.

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    Re: Mower starts and shuts off

    Check the safety switches, something might be loose causing to cut off. You can unplug the kill wire that goes to coil to see if it kept running.

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