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    craftsman lt1000 blades won't engage

    Hello, I have a craftsman Lt1000 mower. It sat for a few years, upon trying to start it up the cable clutch was broken so I replaced it. That didn't not fix the problem. Everything moves and rotates ok. I took of the idler arm and cleaned all rust off put all back together still does not engage the blades. It seems that the idler arm is the issue. It doesn't move. the spring on it doesn't do anything and when I engage the blades there is no play in the idler arm. Is this something that needs to be replaced or could it be something else?


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    Re: craftsman lt1000 blades won't engage

    I'd recheck where the cable spring is hooked and see that the cable is installed correctly.... When you use your engage lever the arm should come over on the belt tight enough to move that belt.............. Somethings not connected properly.

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