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    transmission making noise

    Hey people. I have some questions about my yardman lawnmower. Its 38 in cut. Has three belts on it. I took the deck off to get to the upper two belts. I was driving through the yard on the mower, and when I was up hill it just stopped moving. I put it in a higher gear and it took off. So, I thought the upper two belts may be bad. I finally got them off, and they do need replacing. However, I am not forsure if that will fix my problem or not, but hopefully it will.

    Then, I started pushing the mower back to the barn to put it up for the night. Without realizing it, I had the gear in reverse. I didn't know it because the wheels moved freely without pushing hard at all. Just like it would if it were in Neutral. After I pushed it about ten yards all kinds of noise started and it sounds like its coming from the transmission in the rear. Or what ever that is between the two rear wheels. I then put it in Neutral and the sounds went away. I put it back in forward and pushed it to see what would happen and the noise started again. My question is....what exactly have I done? and what I might need to do to fix it? I really appreciate yalls help. Im just looking to save some money and do these things myself.


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    Re: transmission making noise

    Two things. what you heard may of been the belt slipping on the transmission pulley, because it was turning, and the belt makes like a vibration type noise. the other thing is with the variable pulley, if ran at one speed, like cutting the lawn, it gets like a groove worn into the pulley, and will prevent the belt from properly gripping the belt.
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