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    CMM1200 Replacement Blade Insulator - Steel Instead of Plastic??

    Does anyone know whether it is possible to get a replacement Blade Insulator that is made out of steel instead of plastic? Each time I replace the blade, I have to use 2 or 3 of these plastic pieces because I either over-tighten it to begin with (and damage it so it needs to be replaced) OR I get it close to what I think is tight enough but then when I start the mower, the blade spins and damages this piece to where it has to be replaced. Currently I can't use the mower at all because I can't get the blade installed without damaging this plastic blade insulator piece.

    Almost everything else in the area of the blade is made of steel (as they should be), except this one piece made of plastic. It's the achilles heal of my mower. Terrible design in my opinion.

    I've searched the web for others who may have the same problem, but have yet to find anyone who has written about it. Let me know if anyone might have some advice please and thank you. Otherwise I will have to look at buying a new mower - which I really don't want to do.

    Thanks a lot,



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    Re: CMM1200 Replacement Blade Insulator - Steel Instead of Plastic??

    Hello Murph... & WELCOME to LMF...

    Those parts all work together and sandwich the blade onto the shaft...
    Are you aligning all the parts as described in your manual Before you tighten it? ... : "After installing blade O-4, place blade insulator O-3 on blade such
    that the raised lips on one side engage the edges of the blade.
    Then install the blade spacer O-2 so that it sits inside the raised lips
    on the other side of the blade insulator. Be sure to align the flats in
    the hole of the blade spacer with the flats of the shaft, rotating the
    blade and blade insulator together as necessary. "

    It looks like it needs to be a flexible piece to capture the blade on one side and the blade spacer on the other... You likely will not find a metal piece that allows this type of assembly... KennyV

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    Re: CMM1200 Replacement Blade Insulator - Steel Instead of Plastic??

    I can sympathize. I am having the same problem: a new insulator ruined because ... for whatever reason it shifts off the blade when I turn the mower on. Never had that problem before I hit a tree root. Even bought a new blade in case the old one was bent somehow. Once I installed the new blade, it wouldn't start at all.

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