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Thread: Cub Cadet 1450

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    Cub Cadet 1450

    hello all, just picked up a cadet 1450 hydro not sure of year may be early 70's with 14hp kohler k321 shes been sitting for a while carb looks worn no starter on motor so part of flywheel as been exposed to weather for years. gas tank removed. Wondering whats the first step i should take? thinking of getting a used starter and see if she turns over however i dont want to be out $60 for nothing. Perhaps ill pull the 321 and inspect it i understand its a proven engine. Will try and post some pics soon of the project. - Nick


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    Re: Cub Cadet 1450

    Hello Nick .... The 1450 is a GREAT garden tractor ... I have one that I have Used/Abused since the mid 1970's when it was New.
    It has thousands of hours on it and still starts & runs easily... I have not changed the points OR spark plug in Decades.... It runs perfectly on today's gasoline, and will fire up and run on the fuel left over from the prior year. I have Never had any problem with that little tractor. Just used the 44 inch deck a couple days ago, great mower.
    That is one of Kohler's best engines... their only short coming is from owners that did Not drain and replace the oil every year.... VERY good hydrostat trans run IH HiTran or it's equivalent... change the fluid and filter every few years... KennyV

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