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    Cub Cadet 1525 problems

    I recently purchased a used 2005 Cub Cadet 1525. The tractor is in great shape overall but I am having trouble with the PTO I believe. The blades will disengage after about 20 minutes of mowing. Once they go off, I can re-engage them but then they will disengage every 1-2 minutes. Here is the really strange part. If I sit stationary, the blades will stay engaged. Also, I noticed they will also stay engaged if I only mow at about 1/2 of full throttle or less. If I press the pedal past about 1/2 way the blades disengage again. I ruled out (right or wrong) this being a seat switch problem since it doesn't present itself during the first 20 minutes on the same terrain etc.
    I am getting pretty frustrated having to continuously push in/pull out the PTO switch while I mow, or having to mow so slow.
    Any help/suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    Re: Cub Cadet 1525 problems

    Check the voltage at the clutch also insure that the ground for the clutch is not rusted or corroded...
    If voltages are not dropping at the time of failure, the clutch 'air gap' could have increased, and when hot is too much for the magnet to hold... Check the voltage first then the wiring & PTO switch, ... KennyV

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