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Thread: I enjoy buying broken lawn equipment

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    I enjoy buying broken lawn equipment

    Just figured this site is going to keep reminding me to introduce myself, so here we go.
    I am a 33 year old commercial heating and a/c service mechanic. I had picked up a hr215hxa from my neighbors garage sale for $50. Rolled it across the street, cleaned the Carb and put in fresh gas. It started on the 1st pull and runs perfect. The hydrostatic drive functions good as well. I enjoy fixing stuff so I went back over and bought a johndeere edger from him for $40. Cleaned it up and sold of last night for $120. I think I am obsessing over my next find now. I have 2 more mowers I have acquired in the last week. 1st one is a hra215sx ($60) and the other is a hr214sx (free from my other neighbor after he noticed I enjoyed fixing them)
    My wife dislikes it but doesnt mind when I give her some of the money to get her hair done!
    I enjoy the site, there is good info here. I have been looking for an old lawnboy to fix up next.
    until next time

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    Re: I enjoy buying broken lawn equipment

    You have the fever now. Lets us help you through it. Actually it can be like therapy. Nice of you to let the wife share in the spoils. Glad you are here.
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    Re: I enjoy buying broken lawn equipment

    Welcome to the forum, yep, you got the fever

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    Re: I enjoy buying broken lawn equipment

    Slight fever for sure, got my eyes on an old billy goat lawn vacuum. The guy only wants 20 dollars for it. 45 minute drive though

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