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Thread: Mower deck has holes! HELP! :(

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    Mower deck has holes! HELP! :(

    I have a 10 year old Murray push mower, 20" cut I believe, I bought at Home Depot. The deck has a few rust holes through it (small-ish), and the undercarriage is rusting as well.

    I'd like to find a used deck and simply remount the wheels and engine, etc. as they are in good working order.

    Will any 20" deck fit for me, or is there a special model I should be looking for, etc?

    I am quite handy, but not knowledgable about mowers.
    Any and all advice is appreciated.

    ~Bob C.

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    Re: Mower deck has holes! HELP! :(

    do like i did bud beer can rivet gun hey it work's

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    Take a few good pictures of what you have with a phone or digital camera, find a mower junk yard or Craig's list and match them up closely.

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