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    Difference Between a Consumer and Commercial Grade Riding Lawn Mower?

    We mow about 8 acres of yard and are currently using a Sears 2011 Craftsman 26HP, 54" Deck Tight Turn lawn mower. The tight turn front axle is obviously poorly designed because one axle has been bent and replace, and one front tire has come off the spindle with about 120 hours of use. We purchased this particular mower because it had the least bells and whistles, which means less things to break and it is easy to order parts. Normally, a mower will last about 5 years until something too major breaks. But another reason is that we have never been comfortable going to a commercial grade mower because we don't really have answers on the details of what are the differences, and if those differences are really worth the money. For instance, we do go through lots of blades (about 3 sets per year), so are commercial blades better and stay sharper longer? So, it you could provide us with some details about a particular commercial grade mower and why it would be better than a big consumer grade mower, we would appreciate it.


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    Re: Difference Between a Consumer and Commercial Grade Riding Lawn Mower?

    If you are getting 5 years service, mowing around 8 acres of grass, using a consumer grade mower... stick with what your using... I can't imagine doing that myself.

    The is it worth it question has an answer in your post... Look at the little things, Like the wheel spindles, you will not see plastic hubs or bushings on a commercial line... this, Built to last theme, is carried out through the entire machine...
    Your best bet would be Buy a Good Used commercial OR an Industrial machine, Makes no difference what make or how used it is... You will always be able to repair and continue with that type equipment...
    You do not have to look very close at the consumer grade tractors to notice the things that Will Fail,
    It costs a bit more to make things more reliable & serviceable.... KennyV

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    Re: Difference Between a Consumer and Commercial Grade Riding Lawn Mower?

    Biggest thing with a commercial mower is the speed at which you can cut (a ZTR will cut your mowing time in half). I have a commercial SnapperPro and you will buy three mowers before I need another one. Transmissions,frames,axles, spindles,mower decks and the engines are designed to run a lot more hours than a consumer grade machines. Taken care of they will last a very long time. Keep in mind these engines are designed to run every day all day long time Where a consumer grade is designed to run a few hours a week. There are some blades that are advertised to stay sharp. Believe they are made by Oregon. And Snapper has one that is advertised to last longer also. I have a SnapperPro S50x and if I was going to bend something I would have done it already. We have 56 acres in the family and about 3-4 is mowable without a tractor. and about half of that is like mowing a cow pasture complete with hog rootings. So it hasn't been babied although it only has 28 hours on it about 2/3 rds of that has been at our property. It takes about 4 hours to mow it with a 6ft Rhino. 2 hours with my SnapperPro (trees and obstacles slow me down a bit). Takes about 20 minutes to mow my yard.
    Since I am in my upper fifties this mower may outlast me.
    My .02

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