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Thread: Riding Mower For Steep Hillsides?

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    Riding Mower For Steep Hillsides?

    Recently I went to a local VA hospital which has a lot of steep hillsides they have to mow. I noticed they were mowing the steep areas instead of weedeating them because of the patterns left in the grass. When I came back out of the hospital, I saw one of the mowers they were using. I couldn't see the name but it was obviously commercial grade. It had a cab which was sitting upright even though the mowing deck was tilted at an unbelievable angle on the hillside. Contrary to what I've always been taught about mowing up and down on slopes, this mower was mowing horizontally on the slope. I didn't get a chance to see what brand it was or even what it was called because traffic was horrific, but I've been curious ever since and wondered if any of you had any idea what this mower was?

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    Re: Riding Mower For Steep Hillsides?

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    Re: Riding Mower For Steep Hillsides?

    Sounds like it could be a hustler 640 hillsider mower, had one years ago, was a very agile 72 inch 6 wheel drive ZTR type mower. Made by Excel Hustler. A very handy extreme angle cab mower but a little pricey, around $35 to $40k new. You could find very nice used ones for around $20k.

    Do not have a picture or I would post it ... if it was safety YELLOW with a thin long looking cab, that is what I will guess it to be... KennyV

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    Re: Riding Mower For Steep Hillsides?

    The state of Kansas uses a mower for extreme hills that has an adjustable deck and the cab stays level.It looks to have 4 main tires and 2 smaller ones.The times I see it mowing their too far away to see the make of .they are an odd looking machine. russ

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    Re: Riding Mower For Steep Hillsides?

    Russ: I think you may be thinking of the Deweze ATM 162... Very nice as seen in this video.
    Nothing like climate controlled $afety... KennyV

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    Re: Riding Mower For Steep Hillsides?

    Sorry russ.. just noticed you are on dial-up, I was in that pickle myself. Now using a Sprint Air Card.
    You won't be able to see the video so here is a captured picture.
    This machine is also available without the cab, made in Harper Kansas. KennyV
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    Re: Riding Mower For Steep Hillsides?

    That wasn't the brand Kenny, but it looked a whole lot like that one and it moved like it. Man, I want one of those for my hillside out back! My hillside only gets weedeated about twice a season when my grandsons decide they need some money from Pap.

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    Re: Riding Mower For Steep Hillsides?

    yup thats it KennyV,I've seen em with and w/o the cab.and yes dial up sucks. I thought rural areas were supposed to get broadband priority from the stimlus money but I'm not holding my breath over that one. russ

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    Re: Riding Mower For Steep Hillsides?

    russ... if you have decent cell coverage you can get an air card. Works better than DSL but not quite as fast as cable. KennyV

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    Re: Riding Mower For Steep Hillsides?

    thanks KennyV I'll check into that. russ

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