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Thread: Ant hill or termite mound?

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    Ant hill or termite mound?

    I had a huge ant hill out on the hill in my yard. I dug it out and I saw little winged looking things when I got to the bottom of it. I put in some boric acid and I am going to refill the hole soon. How do I know if they were ants or termites?

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    Re: Ant hill or termite mound?

    I would say they are probably ants if they are in your yard verses termiites which you find in wood.the winged ones are getting ready to fly the nest to mate. russ

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    Re: Ant hill or termite mound?

    Phew! That is a load of my back. I was really worried about it. After looking at that page I can say with certainty that they are ants and not termites. Thanks so much for helping me relax!

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