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Thread: Sick Cherry Tree?

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    Sick Cherry Tree?

    I have a cherry tree that looks sicker every year. Its got green lichen like stuff growing over more and more of it. The first year we moved here it had almost none on it. Is there anything I can do to save it? Its one of my three favorite trees in the yard.

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    Re: Sick Cherry Tree?

    Have you done anything to it good or bad that could have changed the way its been growing in the past bit of time? I know sometimes we try to help with a green thumb and it backfires, don't fret, its done it to me before too with our holly bush out front. :)

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    Re: Sick Cherry Tree?

    That's a really good question since I've thought about doing stuff to it since I noticed it a few years back. But I haven't really had the time or interest to do much with the yard since we moved here. Its only since I'm going to have to take responsibility for the grass here soon that I've started to actually open my eyes and look around the yard and go..."Yikes, I better get to it."

    I've always suspected it was how the whole yard was dug up about 4 years before we moved in...and it wasn't put back together with any care or thought. So I thought after a few years the tree should get better, not worse. But that's not what is happening.

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    Re: Sick Cherry Tree?

    I'd recommend calling either your state extension service or a local nursery and asking them for advice. If the condition is common to your area they will know about it and how to treat it.

    When you find the answer, post it so that we can all benefit from what you learned.

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    Re: Sick Cherry Tree?

    I'm nervous about calling the state extension service. I don't really know what that is and I don't want to be a bother. Is that part of the State Department of Agriculture?

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    Re: Sick Cherry Tree?

    Quote Originally Posted by Greenblades View Post
    Is that part of the State Department of Agriculture?

    Yes it is and a very helpfull group...

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    Re: Sick Cherry Tree?

    Asking a question won't get you into trouble. It is not like calling 911 I guess. I never had this problem before but I guess our land here have more minerals than in the mainland.

    Is it only the Cherry tree that has the lichen-like stuff? What about the other trees in your yard? You said that the Cherry tree is one of your three favorite trees, so what about the other two?

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    Re: Sick Cherry Tree?

    Wow, I looked at that link and was floored. Sure enough there was my county!

    The tree out front, I don't know what it is. It is my pod tree. It has the most beautiful pink buds, and then white flowers, and then lily pad shaped fronds about the size of my hand, but by now it has crazy pods/propellers (more like pods than propellers but they behave the same) growing out of it. The other tree is a trifecta of mulberry trees. I did notice that two of the three (which are kind of different but kind of one tree) quit giving mulberries...But the pod tree is growing nice and strong. Its in the front yard where they didn't dig.

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