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Thread: Rototill garden for fall

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    Rototill garden for fall

    Do you rototill your garden for fall or wait until the spring? I just got a load of topsoil delivered, it is mixed with compost, I don't know if I should let it sit all winter or rototill it in now, what would you suggest

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    Re: Rototill garden for fall

    If you have a tiller at hand ... definitely do it now and again in the spring... KennyV

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    Re: Rototill garden for fall

    That is do-able for sure, I have a rototiller in my garage, I just wanted another opinion as to what I should do. Thanks again.

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    Re: Rototill garden for fall

    Speaking of roto tillers.....I picked up a sweet, sweet deal yesterday at a garage sale. I bought a 1962 Cooper Clipper roto tiller with a B & S engine on it for $25. Not bad for a 48 year old piece of history. I just love the older engines. I used CLR (works great by the way) to clean up the inside of the tank and she fired right up on the second pull. Now I just need to figure how to adjust the linkage so the tines don't constantly run and figure how to cut the engine off without having to pull the choke out and she'll
    be good as new. (see photo at the link below)

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    Re: Rototill garden for fall

    Sweet deal. Did he know what he was selling, or was he just clearing out? Great idea using CLR on the tank. Do you plan to use it or just admire it?

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    Re: Rototill garden for fall


    The guy knew it was old, that it ran, and that he wanted it gone. My heart was beating as he accepted my low offer (he was asking $35 ) and all I could think was Glad I could be of service to you sir!! I found the tip about CLR a while back and it does a very good job. If there's something better I would love to hear about it from someone. We can never have too many methods I believe. I would like to try it out for the sake of seeing it work but ultimately I'd possibly like to restore it and have it be a nice showpiece in my eventual work shop for customers to see.


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