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Thread: Kubota GR2120 Questions

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    Question Kubota GR2120 Questions

    Howdy from Texas!
    I am a new Kubota owner and new to this forum. If anyone has any experience with the Kubota GR-series, and specifically the Diesel 2120, I would love to hear from you. My previous garden tractor was a Deere. I had it for 3 years, and never had an issue with it, other than cost. It was sold when I moved from Michigan to Texas. I attempted to purchase another locally, but was put off by the lack of the diesel option unless I wanted to spend about $13,000, and that was without "options".
    The GR2120 I bought has the 54" deck, Mulch Option and the dealer threw in some belts, blades, oil filters and grease gun with grease cartidges for $10,200. I am hoping that the diesel will provide longevity. I would love to hear your opinions on the mower, the price I paid, and the effectiveness of the bagger system.
    Looks like a neat forum. Thanks for allowing me to participate.

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    Re: Kubota GR2120 Questions

    Welcome to LawnMowerForum!

    I moved your thread to the Kubota Forum.

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    Re: Kubota GR2120 Questions

    Thanks Briana,
    I received the Orange machine today, full of Diesel and ready to go, so I mowed my yard and the yards of two neighbors. One works for the same oil company that I do, and is a lazy slob who refuses to cut his grass until somebody calls the city on him
    The other neighbor recently lost his wife to cancer, and I figured if anybody needed a break, it was him.
    Mower was Fantastic
    Excellent cut, nice controls, great power and a short turning radius. Much nicer than my last Green tractor (of course it cost a few thou more, and while I liked my Green machine, I do believe that I like this Orange product much better). I'll let you know if I find any negatives, but not so far.

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