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Thread: John Deer LA105 BRAKES

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    John Deer LA105 BRAKES

    My John Deer LA105 is 3 years old and has about 150 hours. The foot brake will not stop the mower and the parking brake will not hold the mower. I can push it with the parking brake on. I adjusted the rod with the spring and had not results. Is there another adjustment or is it time to take it to the Dealer.

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    Re: John Deer LA105 BRAKES

    Further research revealed that the brake disk and pads are inside the transaxle. A seal had gone bad and oil got on the brake pads. The mower is now at the John Deer Dealer for who knows how long and how much $$$$.

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    Re: John Deer LA105 BRAKES

    This brake problem was repaired by the dealer and worked fine for about 35 hours. Then the brake started to get hot. I backed the brake adjustment off and freed up the brake. I have backed the adjustment off 3 times now because of the brakes getting hot. It will go for about 15-20 hours between adjustments. Why is the brake adjustment not holding? It is acting just the opposite of what it should do.

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    Re: John Deer LA105 BRAKES

    A guy here seems to have had a similar issue with his 105. It was a simple assembly issue. Check it out.

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