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Thread: L120 transmission oil

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    L120 transmission oil

    what kind of oil does the L120 take in the transmission and how much ?

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    Re: L120 transmission oil

    I understand the JD L120 uses a Tuff Torq K46 - For hydro fluid in the Tuff Torq's replace the oil with premium synthetic product, I use Mobil 1 5w50 Engine oil.

    Whilst lots of hydro tranny's are supposedly "sealed for life", it's usually quite easy to change the oil (by removing the transmission & emptying/refilling via filling via fillerneck/cap where the factory originally put the oil in - it's critical to use the correct oil & volume ).

    A simple oil change can revitalise a so called "worn" tranny if is not too late & extend its life if done as regular maintenance.

    When changing Hydro oil:-
    - clean the unit thoroughly with compressed air or wash in water/dry prior to removing any filler plugs/caps, with hydro's any dirt ingress can quickly kill the unit
    - the oil level is critical, so measure/mark & replace exactly how much you remove (there may be a fill level marked just inside the filler housing but it's not always there)
    - there may be a small filter mesh screen & possbly a small spring just inside the filler housing which can be cleaned too is it drop out.
    - take time to let the oil drain slowly to empty as much as possible
    - also take time to fill with oil to allow the oil to distribute evenly in transmision & fill slowly to minimise any air bubbles/air locks forming in the oil, & also occassionally whilst filling rotate the axles slowly by hand to distribute the oil evenly in the hydro unit
    - depending on the filler plug/cap fitment, once you replace firmly it may be prudent to use a small bead of silcon externally around plug/cap to exluded all possibility of dust ingress.

    Good luck & let us know how you get on

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    Re: L120 transmission oil


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