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Thread: Jacobsen Riding Mower

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    Jacobsen Riding Mower

    This is a Jacobsen mower I had for about 15-18 years. I had it when i was kid and used it to drive around the neighborhood. I never mowed with it. It sat for about 6 years or so. The steering was locked up on it. Spindles were rusted shut. It has a 12hp briggs on it. and it originally has a 42"?? cut deck on it. Which I still had. The previous owner painted it "John Doe". The original manual I had for it was dated 1982.
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    Re: Jacobsen Riding Mower

    Has anyone ever seen a Jacobsen like this. The guy I sold it too never has and he said he was going to research it and restore back to original. What year was it?

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    Re: Jacobsen Riding Mower

    Painting "John Doe" on it was brilliant.

    As far as identifying the mower, I'd start with the engine -- is there a model number? Serial number? Are there no model names or numbers on the mower itself?
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