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Thread: What is the story on hydrostatic transmissions?

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    What is the story on hydrostatic transmissions?

    I bought a used YTH2448 with 116 hrs. Runs great. But...I am reading all kinds of stuff on the internet about hydrostatic transmissions crapping out and needing to go to dealers for replacement/repair. Some are replacing the fluid with synthetic oil.
    Some are replacing the transmission itself.
    Some say it is related to too steep of an incline when mowing.
    Some say they over heat.
    Some say you cannot DIY work on them.
    Does anyone have one that has never been serviced with a lot of hours on it?
    Is it common for them to fail or are these folks simply abusing them?
    Why would Husqvarna design a sealed unit that is fragile and not serviceable? Makes no sense to me.
    What's the real story on these things? I worry that after a few more hours I am going to be needing a new one or servicing the one I have.

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    Re: What is the story on hydrostatic transmissions?

    For the most part they are very reliable. The problems that results are a lot of times due to people pulling too big of a load, such as a filled lawn roller with a lawn tractor, which are designed as light duty and should be limited to a yard cart with garden supplies. Another cause of failure is due to grass buildup and overheating, some times due to broken fan blades.

    Lawn tractors are designed for light towing and are not designed to pull a lawn roller, or heavy trailer. 500 pounds would be a realistic load. Heavier towing should be reserved for heavier garden tractors, designed for ground engaging equipment.

    Another cause of failure is due to shock loading the transmission, like changing directions suddenly or jolting to a sudden stop. Causes the pump to lift off its mating surface to relieve the excessive pressure and then slams back down due to spring pressure on the pump pistons causing galling of the mating surface that leads to pump failure.
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    Re: What is the story on hydrostatic transmissions?

    IL said it better than I can. Would just add, please keep it clean. Husky does not design the tranie. They are built by Peerless, Splicer, or Dana. All good units if maintained properly.

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    Re: What is the story on hydrostatic transmissions?

    ILENGINE--What is your take on using synthetic oil in B&G engines? Good idea or not? I intend to change at same regular intervals as shows in the operator manual.

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