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Thread: Husq 2348 - Briggs and Stratton starter - how to remove retainer

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    Husq 2348 - Briggs and Stratton starter - how to remove retainer

    Finally managed to get my starter motor removed - thanks to all concerned.

    Next problem is to remove the retainer. Is there a trick to get this off ? I've watched a number of vibeos on Youtube but they address the starters with either
    1. a drive pin or
    2. a retainer with an exposed C ring

    My unit has a recessed C ring, as per the photo

    Is there a simple way to do this ?

    Many thanks
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    Re: Husq 2348 - Briggs and Stratton starter - how to remove retainer

    Briggs has a special tool to remove the ring. If you push the cap at the top of the starter down it will expose the c ring and you may be able to pry it off. While have to either press the ring back into shape to reinstall or replace the ring. Special briggs tool to reinstall ring also. May be easier to just take to a briggs dealer and let him remove and reinstall ring.
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    There is a grove in the cap line it up with the ring where the two ends meet use a small screw driver and pry it up working your way around so not to bend it. A 3/8 drive 3/8 socket is what I use to install the ring put the ring on the shaft put socket on hit very easy with a hammer Make sure the ring is all the way into the grove

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    Re: Husq 2348 - Briggs and Stratton starter - how to remove retainer

    Thanks for these comments guys. I realised that the reason I couldn't get at the C ring was that the spring washer was stuck. After tapping it with a hammer I was able to expose the C ring. Got the C ring off eventually by using a hacksaw to remove the old plastic gear etc. Then slid the cap down and used a screwdriver to remove the C ring. To stop this flying off and getting lost I put the unit in a plastic shopping bag, so now have a spare C ring. Thanks for the comment about the 3/8" socket. I'll try this tomorrow.

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    Re: Husq 2348 - Briggs and Stratton starter - how to remove retainer

    I have a problem with my starter like yours. The retainer ring keeps coming off when I start up the machine. Luckily I have always found the parts, but the last time I lost the retainer ring so I will get a new one of these. Question is, when I put it all back together, what order do they go together and which direction does the concave metal disk go?
    Thanks all.

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    Re: Husq 2348 - Briggs and Stratton starter - how to remove retainer

    I got a good understanding of the reassembly process from Youtube. If you search for "Briggs and Stratton starter" there is a video that shows two motors, one with the c clip system and one with the drive pin.

    Its around 7 mins and quite helpful

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    Re: Husq 2348 - Briggs and Stratton starter - how to remove retainer

    Dear Bluegirl

    I've found the link for Youtube How to replace a starter gear on Briggs and Stratton Starters (both rollpin and C clip type) - YouTube

    Hope this helps. If your retainer is coming off it sounds like the C clip wasn't securely attached

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    A trick to making install a c-ring easier. Find cheap socket that the size just big enough to go ovet start shaft about 5/16 or so (i have factory one from briggs u can get at dealers). Anyways cut 4 expansion cuts long way in socket (this will let socket now expand when pushed) now put c ring on shaft and center then put socket on c ring and drive on with hammer in couple of licks if lucky. Oh and order white spline shaft, then gear beveled side up, then spring on top of gear, then washer (if one some do some dont, then cap with c ring indention then c ring

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