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Thread: Honda GCV160 Carburetor Question

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    Honda GCV160 Carburetor Question

    OK. Rookie mistake made. I inherited a MTD rotary push mower with a Honda GCV160 engine, and yesterday it wasn稚 running right, so I thought I壇 give the air cleaner and carb a little cleaning. Took the air cleaner off, and saw a plastic base which I thought was just a cover for the carburetor. There were three bolts holding it on, so I went about removing them, and?.the whole carburetor came off the engine, with gaskets and spacers and a metal plate sliding off and scattering everywhere!! I started trying to guess where they all went, but of course that was useless. It was also very awkward trying to hold everything together while trying to get it back on the engine, SIDEWAYS, with all the linkages intact, and then get the bolts back in. Obviously, I did something out of sequence because I don稚 think it痴 supposed to happen that way. Can anybody provide me with detailed step-by-step instructions for removal and replacement of the carburetor on this engine? Or refer me to somewhere I can find them? Thanks very much.

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    Re: Honda GCV160 Carburetor Question

    Did you get it fixed ?
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    Re: Honda GCV160 Carburetor Question

    I had that problem with reassemble after everything fell off as I disassembled it. I found an illustration from this place that shows everything inclucing parts. You may have to join their
    freebee website but only took a few minutes : I used Model GJAEA and it took me to the area.

    Here is the website:

    and here is where I found the illustration:
    Model Number Search :

    good luck as you need extra hands to do this one!

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    Re: Honda GCV160 Carburetor Question

    I had the similar problem with my GCV190. My gaskets and spacers looked like this (in order):

    The three left ones go between the carburettor and the air filter, and the two rightmost between the carburettor and the cylinder.
    (One gasket was still attached to the cylinder.)

    I put the link here, because in my machine the spacers and gaskets and their order was different from any picture I found in the net.
    The little hole (it's alignment) revealed...

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