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Thread: Craftsman 2 cycle Blower Won't Start

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    Question Craftsman 2 cycle Blower Won't Start

    The blower in question is a craftsman model 358.794741. with a 25cc engine.

    The fuel has been changed and the plug is wet after a couple of pulls. Then purged the cylinder and tried again with no luck. Then tried starting fluid and not a sputter when trying to start it. Checked the plug - clean and it's getting a steady blue-white spark visible in daylight.

    Checked the kill switch and it ohms out OK(?) - one wire to ground, the other to ignt. module that measures about 300 ohms to ground. Switch functions OK.

    Upon taking the housing cover off, found the "300 ohm" wire had been pressed against the spark plug wire (leaving a squashed dent in the plug wire) though no arcing burnt spot seen on either wire at the dent. Moved the wire and still no start.

    Could the spark plug wire leaked high voltage to the ignt. kill switch wire and damaged the ignition module, even though it is producing a good spark at the plug??? Is there any other tests that can be done to module to see if it's been damaged?

    This blower looks new and the neighbor said it was given to him after it stopped while in use. Though it's easy enough to replace with a new one, I found the problem a challenge and after the above procedures, I am now stumped as to the cause of it not starting. If anyone can offer any further tips on solving the problem, it will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Craftsman 2 cycle Blower Won't Start

    Couple of things you should try. One, remove the spark plug attach it to the wire and pull the engine over while your looking for spark. If you have spark let us know. Make sure you hold the plug against ah good ground. If no spark, second test. Disconnect the small kill wire from the module and spin the flywheel by hand as quickly as possible. CAREFUL THAT YOU DON'T PINCH YOUR FINGERS,!!! Look for spark again. Spark, bad kill switch. No spark, bad coil. Try spinning at least 5 times.

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    Re: Craftsman 2 cycle Blower Won't Start

    Rivits - Thanks for the reply. I did check for a spark at the plug and it was steady, blue-white and easily seen in daylight.
    I was wondering if something was wrong with the carburation, since when I purged the cylinder, a constant flow of vapor kept coming out of the spark plug hole, as if with the choke on - which it's not. Even after one short pull, the plug was again wet with fuel. Could my problem be as simple as a carburation problem such as flooding the instant the starter rope is pulled, since the spark is good and the kill switch/wires are good? The plug is very wet with fuel on the first pull with no choke or primer bulb pushes.

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