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Thread: John Deere L120 issues

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    John Deere L120 issues

    Hi all,
    I ahve an L120 which once it heats up (10 mins or so) starts to surge and seems as though it is starving for fuel or air. If mower is engaged it will stall. It will also backfire. Some people have suggested coil. Thanks in advance for your answers.
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    Re: John Deere L120 issues

    Have seen issues with some of the briggs twins with the plastic intake manifold warping when it gets hot causing an air leak between the carb and the intake manifold. some have the plastic and others have an aluminum intake so that may not be it.

    Have also seen the fuel pump quit pumping fuel after they run for a few minutes
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    Re: John Deere L120 issues

    I just replaced one of the ignition coils on my dad's L120 last month. It would run fine for a little while, then start popping out of the exhaust.

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    Re: John Deere L120 issues/Scotts 2048

    I am having a similar problem with my Intek 20HP POS, 406777-0128-E1, 370 hours. After rebuilding the carb I noticed on reassembly that the PLASTIC intake manifold was warped at the carb mount. I have ordered a new manifold so I can't confirm that this was the problem.
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