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    Thatch Attachment

    I'm kind of new to the riding mower scene. Just moved to the Mid-South and I've got a lot of grass with a big thatch problem. Rather than rent an aerator, are there such things as mower add-ons that I could invest in??

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    Re: Thatch Attachment

    MeanMachine, the answer is yes.But what kinds of options depends on what type mower you have.Grasshopper.Zipper,eXmark,LandPride,DixiChopp er,JohnDeer all have options and many others that I haven't mentioned. russ

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    Re: Thatch Attachment

    I found a great website called confessions of a lawn de-thatcher.

    I always love a bit of laughter with my info. He explains what causes thatch too. Which I think you should look into so that once you get rid of your thatch, you don't just get more.

    According to this gentleman, if you have warn climate grass. which your location makes me think you have, you need to de-thatch in the spring and if you have cool climate grass you need to de-thatch in the fall. The type of grass you have is also very important. He talks about something called Zoysai grass and St. Augustine grass which are very prone to heavy thatch. Just a few small items to consider.

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    Re: Thatch Attachment

    This is what I use with my JD 1971-110, same unit fits many models w/proper mounting brackets. There are also tow behind models from Brinly (available from the "box Stores"), not as convenient, but will work. Same as with aerators, tow behinds will work, but won't do the job of commercial units. ~~ grnspot110
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