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    The generator came with a fuel shut off. I may add a fuel filter at some point.

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    Re: Generator

    I have this same generator, but I bought it from my step-mother. She purchased it on sale and ran it maybe one time? I borrowed it from her when Isabel came through and it was leaking gas everywhere (stuck float needle). Guy behind me cleaned it for me, because I didn't know anything about small engines at all then, and there was so much gummed up crap in it. Literally, like 1/2 inch of mushy yuck. We used it, then I RAN IT OUT OF GAS using the fuel shutoff valve (but did not drain the carb bowl). 30 days later when to start it up to cycle the gas through and the needle stuck again. I just fixed it the other day and it's running fine at the moment.

    Her sister bought one at the same time and the needle was stuck the day she brought it home. I heard a few others who bought theres around the same time had the exact same issue.

    It's a relatively easy fix, just be mindful of it. I think I will be starting mine once a week just to check general operation - hurricane season is in full swing and I am sure we will need it.

    Also the guy behind me (had a small engine repair biz for years) said the carbs on these engines are pieces of crap and he has had to replace a lot of them.

    That said, when it's not spitting gas everywhere it works great!
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    When you start it, hook up a load... It is good to exercise the generator also.. Plug in a couple electric space heatersto load it up... KennyV

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    Thanks Kenny. I intend to do that as soon as I'm back on my feet. Just had hernia surgery Thursday. Need be a little quite for a few days. I also need to run my Honda. Its been sitting a little too long now. A couple of light bulbs will load that one up. Only 800 watts

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    Re: Generator

    Quote Originally Posted by fastback View Post
    The generator came with a fuel shut off. I may add a fuel filter at some point.
    Consider one that will separte water. Thats what I installed on mine. It had a filter that allowed rusty water from contaminated gas to enter the carb. You can't get that out.
    Finding a good safe place to mount it may seem difficult. But thats what you need. IMHO

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    Re: Generator: Genarac GP 5500 Fuel Leak Fixed

    I have solved my fuel leak problem. I own a two year old Generac GP 5500 (model 005623-1) that had this problem. It only has about 20 hours run time, but I keep fuel in it year round. I start and run for 30 minutes every 14 days.

    Carburetor leaks are caused by a float stuck in the lower position. This can be caused by dirty/old fuel, or Ethanol and water mixing in the fuel. Temporary repairs can be made by lightly taping the carburetor, or by removing and shaking it to free up the float.

    Inspection of my float needle showed it to be made of bright aluminum, with a synthetic tip. This needle had corrosion and pitting on it's body, while the synthetic tip had minor wear. It did not have an anodized coating for protection from corrosion. I believe this to be an engineering problem.

    Mine has a Huayi Standard of Japan carburetor. Huayi Model #: P27-1, P23 and or P20-1. Not sure which model.

    Internal carburetor parts are not available from Huayi or the generator manufacturers. The Huayi design is a clone of certain Honda carburetors, used on some models of GX-240, GX-340 & GX-390 engines. Honda parts or generic equivalents can be used for repairs. See Honda parts manuals for detailed drawings.

    I recommend to use Honda Part #16011-ZA0-931 Float Valve, or equivalent, for all repairs to these carburetors. The Honda part is made of synthetic material. The generic parts appear to be made of Aluminum or Zinc with a dull finish. This finish may or may not resist corrosion. All examples came with a spring.

    Here is a list of part numbers that are generic equivalents to the Honda part.
    Prime Line:7-02343, Rotary:22-10475, Stens:525-554, Oregon:49-997.

    I installed the Rotary part in August of 2012, and will keep an eye on it to see if it holds up to the 10% Ethanol fuel. Cannot get pure gas in my area.

    I replaced the Solenoid Fuel Valve mounting screws. They were Philips head and I stripped them out. Used hex bolt in 5mm x 12mm, 0.80 thread pitch, grade 8.8. Had to use a thinwall socket to put them in but it works great.

    Generator starts with one or two pulls and runs great with the Rotary part.

    Found generic air filter that fits. Try Oregon 30-963 Pre-Oiled Foam Air Filter. This replaced the two piece foam filter that came with the generator.

    My generator came with a fuel filter. It not listed in the Generac parts list, so I have been testing a KOHLER 25 050 07-S Engine Fuel Filter, 75 Micron. It fits 3/16 and 1/4 ID fuel line.

    One last thing, always check back with the Generac website to see if they have revised the parts list or owners manual for your model. When I checked, the parts list went from Revision B (when I purchased it) to Revision D this August. More parts are now available for this 389cc engine.

    And yes, this fuel leak problem should be solved by Generac. It's an engineering problem.

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    Thanks Kjvann, good advice and research. In may case I have not started the gen since the day I bought it in late July. I had surgery and could not do any pulling. It's been about 4 weeks. I did try to run out all of the fuel from the carb. Should be able to start this week. Today, I'll try to get my connection in on the garage. Hope I don't need it but if I do...

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    Re: Generator

    I ordered some Generac gaskets and Honda gaskets to compare. They come in in mid September, when they do, I'm going to put together a list of common parts for the GP5500. Lots of internet postings about leaks from this carburetor. Most likely will put this info in a new thread. Want people to be able to find out about this repair.

    I like my Generac, but have my heart set on a big one (13000 watts) from Northern Tool with Honda engine. Should be able to run the heat and AC with that one.

    One thing I have noticed, the manuals for Generac don't go into detail about emptying the carb or fuel cup when putting it away. Manuals from Honda, Champion and others do.

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    Re: Generator

    Mine's an old Coleman Powermate, 5000/6500 that I built in a class at work. Maybe not the best, but it cost me only $200, since I was taking the class. It's been a lifesaver several times, and it's B&S 10hp engine has been rock solid over the last 10 years or so.

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    Re: Generator

    Just wanted to follow up on this thread. I have built a hobby web site that deals with the Generac carb leaks and has cross reference info on the carb and air filter gaskets.

    Ken's Generator Resources: Do It Yourself Generator Maintenance And Repair

    Models effected include: Generac, Honeywell (with Generac engine), Centurion by Generac (sold at Lowes), Honeywell by North Shore Power Systems LLC, Champion Power Equipment (Product Recalled), Cummins Onan (Product Recalled), Powerhouse (Northern Tool), and others equipped with the Huayi Standard of Japan, Model #: P27-1 or P27-2 carburetor, or similar designed carburetors.

    Disclaimer: I do not work for Generac, or any other small engine/generator manufacturer.

    I hope you will find this information useful.


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