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Thread: adding oil to transaxle

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    adding oil to transaxle

    I recently aquired a used 917.273320 Craftman garden tractor. It runs great and I have mounted a snow blower on it. Not sure what year it is.
    I noticed that a hose on the hydro was deteriorating and dripping oil. I removed the hose and cut off the soft end and reattached. My problem is that I lost some oil out of it while I was working. I took the plug out and tried to add oil but it doesn't seem to take. The plug has some type of pin on it and there is a spring down inside the hole. Have I taken the correct plug out? Also what type of oil should I use?

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    Re: adding oil to transaxle

    WELCOME to LMF....
    That 'may' be a pressure relief valve... How heavy is the spring? can you post a picture of it.
    If it is a valve you will likely not get any oil into it at that point. KennyV

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    Re: adding oil to transaxle

    Sorry I dropped out of communication. After further review of the drawing, the plug taken out is listed as item 42 or 43 on the parts drawing and is identified as a check valve.
    Now the next problem, The valve stem inside was tipped down and when I tried to straighten it to replace the spring etc, it fell down through a hole in the side of the block. This plug was located in the face plate of the pump.
    My question is, can I just buy a new check valve from Sears and replace it and leave the part in the case or are there open gears in there that the fallen part could jam and ruin the pump? What are the chances of fishing this out or draining the oil and having it fall out.

    If none of the above are feasible I guess I will have to tear the axle out and disassemble the pump. I worry about doing that because when ever I try something like this stuff jumps out at me and it never goes back together again.

    Please advise.

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    Re: adding oil to transaxle

    I have never had any luck with small parts falling out of compartments When I wanted them to fall out...
    That piece could cause problems & will at the least restrict fluid flow on that one side. You need to remove it.
    But fishing for it is going to be tufffff ...In an aluminum case you can use a small magnet to try & find loose parts, but be sure that your little magnet is securely attached to what your fishing with Or it will stick to a larger internal part and leave you with 2 items lost inside...
    I would locate a service manual and split the case... But if you do it, be prepared for a Lot of small parts and a challenge to go back together....
    At this point you have only 3 choices that I see:
    Replace the valve and run it, may work with never a problem...
    Take it to a shop, let someone else do it...
    Split the case and try to reassemble it.
    All of these 3 choices could end with you needing to replace the complete trans axle...
    Could be a nice winter project... and if you come across a used complete assembly, just swap it all out and then do a tear down on the original ... KennyV

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    Re: adding oil to transaxle

    Does anyone know where I can get a service manual that details servicing the transaxle?

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    Re: adding oil to transaxle

    I might be able to help. There should be numbers and/or name on the tranny. Need to know what service manual to look for.

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    Re: adding oil to transaxle

    I don't have access to the tractor right now, it is at my son's place.

    Not sure if this is what you need but the numbers listed in the manual are:
    Hydro Gear Transaxle model number 222-3010L
    Transaxle Pump model number BU-10L-122

    The checkvalve spindle dropped into an orifice on the faceplate for the pump module through a hole in the side wall of one of the checkvalves.

    Thanks for your replay.

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    Re: adding oil to transaxle

    didn't find a manual for the 222-3010L but found one for a 210-3010L and by the diagrams it appears that it is close enough for what I need. I printed the manual and will give it a try this weekend.

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    Re: adding oil to transaxle

    You will probably find out that your Craftsman transmission is built different than other model transmissions, with the same model number. Confused?? I was. Most will show fill and drain hole accesses where you will find blanks in the case.

    My transmission has a problem becoming contaminated with moisture and makes it useless for winter use, as it freezes up.

    Craftsman lists the transmission as "unserviceable", so the oil filter you see on it is a figment of your imagination. I drain the oil either through the filter, or one of the hose fittings on the front of the transmission. I refill it through a plug in the left side of the transmission, opposite the fan side, that is positioned on the side of the case, a little above the axel level. You only need to fill it above the axel. Getting a tube down to fill it is a chore sometimes.

    I also discovered that the filter sold through Craftsman runs around $45, however the same filter is available online through other suppliers for around $11. I don't have the information handy, but you can do a simple search for the correct filter numbers. Remember, this is a hydraulic filter, not a normal oil filter. Do not try to replace with something off the shelf at the auto parts store.
    Stercus Accidit

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